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CommonSensor Replacement Parts

(Complete including calibration adaptor) Shipping Weight: 1/2 lb each

Combustible Gas Catalytic aluminum 365-550-01
Catalytic stainless steel 365-550-02
Hydrogen aluminum  365-550-03
stainless steel 365-550-04
Hydrogen Sulfide Electrochemical 0-100ppm scale - aluminum 365-755-01
Electrochemical 0-100ppm scale - stainless steel 365-755-02
Electrochemical 0-50ppm scale - aluminum  365-755-03
Electrochemical 0-50ppm scale - stainless steel  365-755-04
Carbon Monoxide Electrochemical aluminum 365-795-01
Electrochemical stainless steel 365-795-02
Mercaptan Electrochemical aluminum 365-720-01
Electrochemical stainless steel 365-720-02
Nitrogen Dioxide Electrochemical aluminum 365-730-01
Electrochemical stainless steel  365-730-02
Oxygen Electrochemical aluminum 365-250-01
Electrochemical stainless steel 365-250-02
Sulfur Dioxide Electrochemical aluminum 365-770-01
Electrochemical stainless steel 365-770-02
CommonSensor Tools:
Flame arrestor tool 950-142-01
Disposable Sensors
Hydrogen Sulfide Solid state aluminum 361-410-01
Combustible Catalytic  -  aluminum 360-610-01
Calalytic - Ported aluminum 360-610-02
Combustible - Determinator Infrared -  aluminum 365-850-01
Infrared - stainless steel  365-850-02
Combustible - Remediator Infrared - aluminum 365-850-01
Infrared Sensor stainless steel 365-850-02
Hydrogen Catalytic - aluminum 360-610-03
Catalytic - Ported aluminum 360-610-04
Special Application Sensors
Combustible  CommonSensor Catalytic BASEEFA approved - aluminum 365-550-05
Catalytic Poison Resistant 365-550-08
Catalytic High Temp w/12" leads 365-550-06
Catalytic High Temp w/standard leads 365-550-07
Catalytic 6v User Specified length - aluminum 365-550-11
Catalytic 6v User Specified length - stainless steel 365-550-12
Hydrogen CommonSensor Catalytic 6v User Specified length aluminum 365-550-13
Catalytic 6v User Specified length stainless steel 365-550-14
Combustible Disposable Catalytic High Temp w/standard leads 360-610-06
Catalytic High Temp w/12" leads 360-610-07
Catalytic High Temp Ported w/12" leads 360-610-08
Infrared Detector Head
(complete: includes conduit box, interface and processor modules)
Determinator (combustible LEL) aluminum 364-850-01
(combustible LEL) stainless steel  364-850-02
Remediator (combustible % volume) aluminum 364-855-01
(combustible % volume) stainless steel 364-855-02
Adaptors, Extensions, Testers and Covers
Remote Electronics Extension Kit for electrochemical sensors 364-225-01
Duct Mounting Plate  361-248-01
Dust Cover for catalytic sensors 360-733-01
Ported Adaptor for catalytic sensors 361-772
Reclamation Adaptor for catalytic CommonSensor 361-771
Reclamation Adaptor for electrochemical CommonSensor 361-991-01
Reclamation Adaptor for infrared sensor 364-338-02
Sensor Extension Cord for catalytic (xx = length-72" max)  361-728-xx
Sensor Extension Kit (100' max) - for catalytic sensor-transmitter 361-069-01
Sensor Extension Kit - electrochemical transmitter-remote cal (500'max) 364-224-01
Splash/Wind Guard for catalytic and electrochemical sensors 361-707-01
Splash/Wind Guard for infrared sensors  361-707-02
Calibration Adaptor for catalytic sensors  361-810-01
Pipe Mounting Plate for Sensor  361-989-01
Zeroing Adaptor for infrared 364-332-01
Catalytic Bead Tester  950-021
CommonSensor Replacement Parts
Combustible replacement elements 365-551-01
Combustible replacement elements for Poison Resistant Sensor 365-551-03
Combustible replacement elements for High Temperature sensors 365-551-01
Hydrogen elements 365-551-02
Hydrogen Sulfide electrochemical cell 0-100ppm scale 365-756-01
Hydrogen Sulfide electrochemical cell 0-50ppm scale  365-756-02
Carbon Monoxide electrochemical cell 365-796-01
Mercaptan electrochemical cell  365-721-01
Nitrogen Dioxide electrochemical cell 365-731-01
Oxygen electrochemical cell 365-251-01
Sulfur Dioxide electrochemical cell 365-771-01
Flame arrestor for combustible gas catalytic 361-552-01
Flame arrestor for electrochemical cell 361-583-04
Flame arrestor for infrared sensor 364-319-01

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