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Stand Alone Gas Monitors

Delphian's Stand Alone Sensors
can be used with virtually any
controller, datalogger or
computer-based data
management systems that
accepts a 4-20 mA input.
Delphian's Stand Alone Sensors
are available for every sensor
sold by Delphian.

Field Installation Tough
The Stand Alone Sensor includes Delphian's patented SensorSaver Transmitter (which is epoxy coated for complete environmental protection). This puts sensor power regulation and support electronics where it counts - at the sensor location. Otherwise, sensor performance can be degraded by changes in electrical resistance caused by moisture, corroded terminals, splices or loose contacts in the wires between the sensor and controller. Delphian's Stand Alone Sensor ensures that power to and the signal from the sensor are not degraded and therefore guarantees maximum sensor performance and reliable sensor signals.

Only Three Wires Needed
Only THREE wires are needed between the user's power supply and controller and the Delphian Stand Alone Sensor. Shielding is normally not required since RFI and surge protection circuitry are built into the Stand Alone Sensor.

One Person Calibration at the Sensor
The Delphian Stand Alone Sensor is calibrated by one person at the sensor location. Nothing is done at the controller. When the Delphian remote calibration meter is plugged into the Stand Alone Sensor the signal is disrupted so that user alarm circuits are automatically disabled for that sensor only. Other detection points remain in service.

Long Sensor Life
The longer a sensor lasts, the lower are the maintenance costs. A sensor's life is governed by its operating temperature. Operation above or below a sensor's optimum operating temperature shortens its life. Delphian's unique Sensor Saver Transmitter guarantees constant temperature sensor operation, assuring long and stable sensor life even in continuous high ambient temperatures or gas concentrations. Sensor burn-out is eliminated, zero and span drift are negligible. Sensor Saver delivers maintenance and calibration cost savings.

How to Configure a StandAlone System
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