Transmitters and Housings

Sensor Saver Transmitters   
Shipping Weight 1/2 lb each
Combustible/Hydrogen Catalytic 361-236-01
Hydrogen Sulfide Solid State 361-236-01
Hydrogen Sulfide Electrochemical 367-755-01
Carbon Monoxide Electrochemical 367-795-01
Mercaptan Electrochemical 367-720-01
Nitrogen Dioxide Electrochemical  367-730-01
Oxygen Electrochemical 367-250-01
Sulfur Dioxide Electrochemical  367-770-01
Explosion Proof Transmitter & Lightening Arrestor Housing
Class I, Div 1 Conduit Box                          
Shipping Weight 4-5 lbs each
Three Hub Housing FMRC & CSA Group A,B,C,D 361-279-02
Groups:FMRC A,B,C,D & CSA B,C,D; BASEEFA Zone 1 Group IIB  361-805-02
Two Hub Housing FMRC & CSA Group A,B,C,D - Non-Stocked Part  361-279-01
Additional Plug for Three Hub Housing 500-056
SafeCAL/InfraredHousing w/window Groups:FMRC A,B,C,D & CSA B,C,D; BASEEFA Zone 1 Group IIB  361-868-02
SafeCAL (old) Housing Groups:FMRC A,B,C,D & CSA B,C,D 361-868-01
Replacement cover for 361-805-02  485-119-01
Replacement cover for 361-279-02 485-115
Replacement cover for 361-868-01 & 361-868-01  485-118
Remote Calibration             Shipping Weight 1/4 lb each
For use with controller: Module 1-5 mA 361-235-01
Meter 361-155-01
For use with StandAlone: Module 4-20 mA 361-235-02
Meter 361-156-01
SafeCAL Modules     (Must be custom programmed - SafeCAL Configuration Form)
Combustible Gas catalytic 370-550-XXX
Hydrogen catalytic 370-550-XXX
Hydrogen Sulfide solid state 370-750-XXX
Hydrogen Sulfide  electrochemical  370-755-XXX
Carbon Monoxide  electrochemical 370-795-XXX
Mercaptan electrochemical 370-720-XXX
Nitrogen Dioxide electrochemical 370-730-XXX
Oxygen electrochemical 370-250-XXX
Sulfur Dioxide electrochemical  370-770-XXX
SafeCAL Accessories
Local Alarm Module (SLAM) 364-160-01
SLAM Extension Kit (includes SLAM) (Housing Groups: FMRC A,B,C,D & CSA B,C,D)  364-169-01
Calibrator 361-853-01
SafePRO Configuration Kit (program your own)  363-120-01
Infrared Modules
Determinator Interface Module  367-850-01 
Determinator Processor Module 370-850-XXX
Remediator Interface Module  367-850-01
Remediator Processor Module 370-855-XXX
Infrared Accessories
Local Alarm Module (SLAM) 364-160-01
SLAM Extension Kit Housing Groups:FMRC A,B,C,D & CSA B,C,D 364-169-01
Calibrator 361-853-02
RFI Filters for Electrochemical Sensors
aluminum  364-347-01
stainless steel 364-347-02
Lightning Arrestors            Shipping Weight: 1/2 lb each
NOTE:An explosion proof housing must be ordered separately.
Transmitter Lightning Arrestor 361-754
Controller Lightning Arrestor 361-755

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