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How to Specify a Delphian System

How to Specify a Sage Computerized Gas
Monitoring System

1. (See Step 1 *) Select sensors by gas and type.  Select sensor accessories.  Are dust covers or splash guards required?  Sensor Part Numbers

2. (See Step 2 *) Select a transmitter (by gas) and a explosion proof housing, one for each sensor.  Transmitter Part Numbers

3. Count the number of sensors you have chosen.
i. Decide how big a system you need, allowing for expansion. Choose that Sage system. It will include everything that you need including: Computer(s) with VGA display, keyboard, mouse, printer, base station radio, microphone, portable radio, and owners manuals with local relays, power supply, and watch dog timer.
ii. Decide how many areas you will want to monitor gas in. Order one sensor satellite for each 16 points in each area.
iii Decide how many relay satellites you need. You will probably need one for each area to be monitored. Each Sage system is delivered with at least 16 local relays at the computer console. Relay satellites can be added at any time.  Sage & Satellite Part Numbers

4. Specify protective enclosures for the satellites if required.

5. (See Step 7* ) Select an owners manual for each gas category to be detected. Specify tags and engraving (if required). Owners Manuals & Tag Part Numbers

6. (See Step 8 *) Select spare parts. See table below.

7. (See Step 9 *) Choose a calibration kit and a gas for each different type of gas to be detected.  Calibration Part Numbers

Recommended Spare Parts for Controller Based Systems
Sensors 1 per 20 Points
Foam Splash Guard 1 per 5 Points
Calibration Kit 1 per gas type
Fuses (AC & DC) 1 each per system
3 amp Relay 1 per system
10 amp Relay

1 per system

Owners Manuals 1 per system
Extra boards - depending upon degree of safety required

With the purchase of a SAGE system, one eight hour day will be provided for training and commissioning at no charge except for travel and expenses.  Purchase of a SAGE system entitles the purchaser to software updates for one year from date of purchase of system or upgrade.

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