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How to Specify a Delphian System

How to specify a standalone detector head
with CommonSensor incorporating
the remote calibration module.

1.(Step 1) Select sensors by gas to be sensed.  Select sensor accessories.  Are dust covers or splash guards required?
Sensor Part Numbers

2. (Step 2) Select a transmitter (by gas), one for each sensor and a remote calibration module for each transmitter (4-20mA) as well as a explosion proof housing. Add one remote calibration meter (4-20 mA). Are lightning arrestors required? If so, one arrestor and another housing is needed to protect each transmitter/sensor.
Transmitter Part Numbers

3. (Step 7) Select an owners manual for each gas category to be detected. Specify tags and engraving (if required).
Owners manual part numbers

4. (Step 8) Select spare parts. List of recommended spares.

5. (Step 9) Choose a calibration kit and a gas for each different type of gas to be detected.
Calibration part numbers

Recommended Spare Parts for Standalone Systems
Sensors 1 per 5 Points
Dust Cover 1 per 10 Points
Transmitters 1 per 20 Points
Remote Cal Module 1 per 20 Points
Remote Cal Meter 1 per 10 Points
Flame Arrestor 1 per 10 Points
Flame Arrestor Tool 1 per 20 Points
Splash Guard 1 per 15 Points
Calibration Screwdriver 1 per 15 Points
Calibration Gas cylinder 1 per 15 Points/ gas
Static Calibration Chamber 1 per 20 Points
Calibration Adaptor

 1 per 20 Points

Owners Manuals 1 per gas per system

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